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SMARTCOLLECT是一款數據管理軟體,用於輕鬆、安全測量數據採集以及專注於能源管理的數據分析。 SMARTCOLLECT 獲取、存儲、可視化、評估以及自動報告電力、水、氣體或熱量的所有相關消耗數據。現代圖形使用者介面即使在眾多測量點中也允許直觀、輕鬆地操作。由於模組化設計,功能和測量點隨時可以非常容易地補充。我們設計模組化客戶特定的解決方案和系統,無論製造商如何,都可以隨時擴展。通過我們的非專有介面也是集成了現有的應用程式和系統與不同製造商的元件沒有問題使用有針對性的軟體解決方案中央記錄和結構測量數據的最多樣化的儀器準備成本中心相關的能源報告成本中心廣泛可視化測量值...


SMARTCOLLECT is a data management software for easy and safe measured data acquisition as well as data analysis focussing on energy management.  SMARTCOLLECT acquires, stores, visualises, evaluated as well as automatically reports all relevant consumption data of power, water, gas or heat. A modern graphic user interface permits intuitive and easy operation even in numerous measuring points. Functions and measuring points may be very easily supplemented at any time due to the modular design.

We design modular customer-specific solutions and systems which can be extended at any time regardless of manufacturer. Through our non-proprietary interfaces is also an integration in already existing applications and systems with components from different manufacturers no problem
Use of targeted software solutions
Central recording and structuring of measured data of the most varied instruments
Preparation of cost centre-related energy reports
Extensive visualising of measured values and grid events
Individual process visualising
Conducting measurement campaigns
Analysis of power quality data and fault finding