Insulation monitoring

要獲得測量,元件必須連接在 IT 系統和保護接地導體 (PE) 之間。測量電流加在系統上,由測量電路檢測和評估。絕緣監測設備在早期階段以可靠的方式檢測絕緣水準的惡化。

Insulation monitoring
Insulation monitoring devices continuously monitor the insulation resistance of IT systems (unearthed systems) and issue an alarm if the value falls below a response value.
To obtain a measurement, the device has to be connected between the IT system and the protective earth conductor (PE). A measuring current is superimposed onto the system which is detected and evaluated by a measuring circuit. Insulation monitoring devices detect deteriorations of the insulation level at an early stage and in a reliable way.