Neutral Grounding Resistance (NGR) Monitoring

中性接地電阻 (NGR) 監控
中性接地電阻的想法是限制最大故障電流,以避免接地故障造成的損壞和危險。由於系統在技術上接地(例如高電阻接地),保護繼電器將正常工作。 早期檢測 NGR 值的變化提供了規劃維修和指示以前未知危險的能力。 中性接地電阻器監控器測量電壓、電流、NGR 連接的連續性和相位到接地電壓。此資訊有助於規劃維護和增強系統可用性。
Neutral Grounding Resistance (NGR) Monitoring
The idea of a neutral grounding resistor is to limit the maximum fault current in order to avoid damages and hazards caused by ground faults. Since the system is technically grounded (e.g. High Resistance Grounding) protective relays will work properly.
Early detection of a change in the NGR value provides the ability to plan repair and indicates previously unknown hazards.
Neutral Grounding Resistor Monitors measure voltage, current, continuity of the NGR connection and phase-to-ground voltage. This information helps to plan maintenance and enhance system availability.