Switching equipment and IPS


隔離電源櫃 (IPS),轉換模塊和變壓器櫃用於醫療場所,不同於典型工業中使用的系统,它具有更多的组件。

BENDER的組件範圍從單一自動轉換裝置到完整的隔離電源櫃 (IPS)。無論是预制模組或單獨定制-BENDER皆提供最佳的解決方案。
Switching equipment and IPS
Standard-compliant. Safe. Reliable. Compact.
Isolated power panels (IPS), changeover modules and transformer cabinets for medical locations differ significantly from the systems that are typically used in the industry and feature many more components.
The Bender portfolio ranges from automatic changeover devices as compact single units to complete isolated power panels (IPS). Whether it is prefabricated models ex stock or individual requirements – Bender provides a suitable solution.